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Design is the body language of your marketing. Don’t slouch. 

Mark King

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What is Visual Identity and why is it important?

Visual Identity for a brand is like its unique outfit, made up of logos, colours, fonts, and pictures.

Having a great identity design for a company is like having a cool and catchy look that people remember and love.  And this is very important because it helps create a professional and memorable first impression, builds credibility and trust with potential customers, sets you apart from competitors, and lays a strong foundation for future brand growth and recognition.

I understand how overwhelming it can be for startups and small businesses to tackle the daunting task of creating a brand identity, logo, and website. Especially when you are already trying to balance managing the business and family responsibilities.

That’s why I'm here to help you every step of the way. With my skills and passion for graphic design, I'll take that weight off your shoulders and bring your brand to life with an awesome look. Let's work together to create a visual identity that truly represents your business and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

Welcome to Flap Studio

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