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Flap Studio logo design

A logo is like a friendly face for your business! It's  a unique design that represents your brand, making you recognizable in a crowd. It's super important for a small business, as it helps create a memorable first impression and fosters customer loyalty. So, your logo is essentially your brand's visual handshake!

A logo doesn't need to illustrate what a company does because its primary role is to identify.

Think about the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo, they don't depict shoes or computers, do they?

Instead, a logo should convey the essence of your brand, its personality and values. It's about creating an emotional connection and being memorable, rather than being a literal representation of your products or services.

*  Prices from 500e

Flap Studio stationery design

     Picture this: your company's stationery is like your business's wardrobe. Business cards, letterheads, envelopes - they all represent your brand's style and professionalism. These items often create a first impression, and we all know how important that is!

   Well-designed stationery gives your business credibility, helps you stand out from the crowd, and showcases your attention to detail. Plus, every time someone sees your stationery, it's a little reminder of your brand. So, it's all about making your brand memorable and trustworthy!

*  Prices from 300e

Flap Studio website design

    Imagine your website as your business's online home. It's where people can learn about what you offer, get to know your brand, and even make purchases or bookings. In today's digital world, it's often the first place potential customers visit, making it crucial for your brand's visibility and credibility. It's like your always-open storefront, welcoming customers 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

    For many small businesses, the most common type of website is a brochure site. It showcases their services or products, shares their story, contact details, and might also include a blog to engage customers. It's simple but mighty effective!

*  Prices from 1000e

Brand Identity
Flap Studio brand identity design

   Brand identity is like your business's unique fingerprint. It's a mix of visual elements, including your logo, color scheme, typography, and design style, that gives your brand a distinct personality. It's what makes your brand recognizable in the sea of businesses, helping your customers remember you. Think of it as your business's outfit that it wears every day - it should reflect its personality, purpose, and style. So, it's really your brand's way of saying "Hello, this is me!" in the business world.

*  Prices  from 300e

brand guidelines
Brand  guidelines

      Think of brand guidelines as your brand's ultimate rulebook! They outline the important stuff like how to use your logo, the exact colors and fonts to use, and the style of images that represent your brand. These guidelines help everyone — your team, partners, or even external agencies — to maintain a consistent look and feel for your brand.

  Consistency is key because it helps people recognize your brand instantly and builds trust. So, brand guidelines are like a GPS for your brand's journey, keeping everything on track!

*  as a part of logo/branding design

Branding packages
Branding package

Basic package (700e)

  • 2 logo design concepts to choose from

  • 2 rounds of amends on chosen route

  • 1-page style guide document

  • JPG, PNG, SVG, AND PDF file format exports (suitable for print and web)

  • Unrestricted ownership and usage rights

Professional package (1500e)

  • 2 logo design concepts to choose from

  • 2 rounds of amends on chosen route

  • Scalable adaptations for different visual mediums

  • Brand guidelines document

  • Stationery design (choice of 2 templates)

  • JPG, PNG, SVG, AND PDF file format exports

  • Simple (up to 4 pages) WIX website

  • Unrestricted ownership and usage rights

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